1.            Television Ministry

In 2002, the Lord gave us a vision to proclaim the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ and teach the Word of God through television. In February of 2002, we started our television program titled “Abundant Life” on a leading secular television channel in Telugu. Over the years we have expanded this television and today we are telecasting in four channels. It is estimated that each week over 3 million people are hearing the gospel and Word of God in India, USA, Canada, UK and the Gulf countries. This television ministry has so far led hundreds of people to Christ and nurtured thousands of Christians of all churches.

 Our program schedule:
 Every Sunday 10 pm on “Shubhavartha TV”

Every Saturday 10 pm on “Aradana TV”

Every Saturday at 6:45 am on " Sakshi TV”

All the telecasted videos are available @


2.            Gospel Campaigns and Revival Meetings:

New Life Associates regularly conducts gospel campaigns and revival meetings throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh. Each campaign is attended by hundreds of people both Christian and non-Christian. In these meetings Evangelist Joseph Kishore preaches the salvation gospel of Jesus Christ and gives invitation for people to come forward and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord. Over the years thousands of people accepted Christ through repentance and total commitment to the Lord Jesus. He also teaches the Word of God to nurture Christian of all churches in these revival meetings. Tens and thousands are being nurtured in the faith and spiritual life. 

3.            Training Programs for Pastors and Evangelists

New Life Associates strongly believes in building the servants of God in order to build the spiritual well-being of the churches. For the past several years we are conducting conferences and seminars for pastors and evangelists of all Protestant churches. In these conferences we are giving in-service in the keys subjects like Evangelism, Preaching, Stewardship, Church ministry, Discipleship and other subjects related to practical ministry. Now we have constructed the Masilamani Conference Centre in our campus that can accommodate 350 delegates at a time with boarding and lodging facilities. Inaugurated in 2012, we are now conducting these conferences in this new facility. 


4.            Church Ministry (Church Planting)

New Life Associates has so far planted three churches. The first is the New Life Community Church in Vijayanagar Colony, Hyderabad founded in 1980. Today it has 175 families regularly worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ with a strong emphasis on gospel outreach in the neighbourhood. The second is the Turner Community Church in the village of Malkapur which was 25 families. The third is the beautiful Trinity Cathedral Church recently constructed in the New Life Ministry Centre campus. It has a seating capacity of 1500 and today has 50 families worshipping. In the coming years this church will grow to its full capacity bearing a powerful witness to Lord Jesus Christ in its surrounding and beyond.

The Women’s Fellowship is working with full of enthusiasm for the Lord and have their weekly meetings and have outreach ministry to Old Age Homes, Orphanages, and hospitals.


5.            Medical Ministry

In obedience to the Lord’s command to “heal the sick” we have started a medical clinic in 1991 and till 2012 we treated thousands of poor patients giving them free medicines. During this time we also conducted mobile medical camps in the slums of Hyderabad giving them free medicines and good. Over the years we gave medical help to tens and thousands of poor people. In 1998, the Lord gave us the vision to build a permanent hospital to help the poor and needy. As a result in 2012, we inaugurated our new Emory Multi-speciality Hospital which has a capacity of 150 beds. Today we are offering in-patient and out-patient treatment to many patients through this hospital.